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Lap Band Video Diary – Surgery Day

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Prior to my lap band surgery it helped me a lot to watch video diaries of people who had already been through the procedure. This was one of my favorite videos because they followed her up to pre-op and right after surgery. Mine ended up being almost exactly like this and was really as simple as it looked in the video. It wasn’t as fun as a party or anything but not too bad ;-)

This gal is young and has some “colorful” language here and there but kudos to her for having the guts to video diary every detail and share it with us. “Thanks!”

There are a lot of videos in this series, capturing every last detail. I put up three main ones from surgery day that I thought you might enjoy.
You can see all of her videos here:

(Sorry, I couldn’t get the videos to work right. So I just made these links to the videos.)

Cheking in

Prep for surgery

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