Red Pepper Hummus

I’ve never been a big fan of humus because the ones I tried were so plain and boring. Recently a friend gave me a bite of her hummus and pita snack and it was so good I was inspired to make my own. Looking on the internet I found that humus is really HEALTHY and special note for us bandsters: it’s high in PROTEIN!
8g protein per 1/2 c. Hummus
3g protein per 1/2 wholewheat pita

I watched videos, read hummus blogs and scoured the internet for the perfect red pepper hummus recipe. I didn’t find it. I ended up using this recipe from You Tube and just added a jar of roasted red pepper and used a little less Tahini (sesame seed paste, I found in the Oriental foods section at our local store). It turned out pretty good, especially for a first try. What I like best about Hummus is that I can experiment with all kinds of variations. Next I’m going to try roasted tomato and feta. YUM!

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