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Explaining Lap Band to Kids

Monday, February 25th, 2008

This post was written by Jessica, our 18 year old daughter. It tells how she explained my lap band to her 8 year old sister.

The Lap Band is changing lives and families all around the world. The Bandsters that have the Lap Band realize the big step they are taking but their kids might have a harder time understanding what exactly a Lap Band does. This is how I helped to explain the Lap Band to my little sister and how our family coined the phrase “Mommy’s Zip Tie”.

The best way to explain to your kids is by comparing your Lap band to a Zip tie. Most kids know what a zip tie is, but if not then I would suggest getting a zip tie so you can explain– kids learn wonderfully through visuals they can relate to. Tell your child that you needed help getting healthy so you went to the Doctor and got this zip tie on your tummy. What the zip tie does is goes around your stomach and squeezes it to make it smaller.

If you have a zip tie you can give a little demonstration. You need a zip tie and a loosely inflated plastic bag. You want it to have enough air in it that it has some shape but not enough that it will pop when you put on the zip tie. (If that were to happen your child is likely to end up more afraid and confused than before. Oops!) Tell them that a smaller tummy helps you to eat less and get into better shape. Explain that when you are in a better shape you will be able to do more things with them and you will be happier.

Kids understand more than you think and will be happy for you. My kids have been so supportive and happy for me. They make me very proud.

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