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Week 5 Update

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Today completes the last day of week five of my Lap Band weight loss.

The first 24 hours following my fill I was on liquids. I had been warned that this would be harder the second time around. “Chris, you were right!” My stomach was still adjusting to the fill but was much better– better enough that I was hungry and the liquids seemed to pass quickly.

On the third day I had mushies– salmon patties and potato salad. It was fabulous! I had to be very aware of chewing well and taking small bites, but it sure tasted good and kept me full. It was the most “real food” I had in four weeks.

The next day I was on regular food again, but took it easy because I’m still getting used to my band and healing. Steve and I went out for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Sol de Mexico I was able to eat the chips, my favorite, and some of the beans and rice off of his plate. I’m such a cheap date now! LOL

I’m doing great! No more pain. I am eating normal food again. I feel like life is starting to get back to normal again!

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