CPAP and recap

Last week was so crazy that I didn’t have time to post. So, I thought I would do a little recap today. Long story short… I had to go in for a second sleep study because the first one was flubbed by the technicians at the hospital (an awful experience). If I didn’t get a sleep study and CPAP right away I would have had to reschedule my surgery. Oh no!

I found Mt Scott Sleep Medicine. They were SO AMAZING! They got me in for a sleep study that night and loaned me a CPAP! Kendra helped coordinate with Drs, insurance and got me the appointment. The sleep study it self was like having it done at the Hilton or something. I had a soft queen sized bed, TV, private bath with basket of hygiene goodies; and the next morning the technician (a very nice gal) served me breakfast in bed!

The CPAP was a bit annoying at first but I love it now. I get much better sleep and it has helped me to breath deeper and clear my lungs since surgery.

To top it all off, I started back to school last week. This is my first term at University of Phoenix. When our two oldest daughters started college, I figured it was about time I got back to school. So, needless to say, I haven’t had the time to enjoy it, but have been trying to keep up with weekly assignments. I’m off to go do some more work now ;-)

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